2 BHK Flats in Jaipur

2 BHK Flats in Jaipur

2 BHK Flats in Jaipur are in huge demand. It is the most affordable living option for middle class service industry group that comprises 70% of the population of Jaipur. Well most of the families in Jaipur are still in the Joint Family Model however early birds are finding their separate nest in the 2 BHK Apartments at all other places in Jaipur. In this list Jagatpura, Mansarover and Viashali Nagar offers multiple options with prices ranges and amenities.

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Smart City Jaipur

Smart City Jaipur Currently, 31% of India’s population lives in cities; these cities also generate 63% of the nation’s economic activity. These numbers are rapidly increasing, with almost half of India’s population projected to live in its cities by 2030. Smart Cities focus on the most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for residents today and in the future


South Jaipur

Jaipur Properties South Jaipur is located in close proximity of Jaipur international Airport and therefore marked primarily by various commercial, retail and hospitality developments along with residential ones. Major locations in south Jaipur region include Tonk Road, Jagatpura, Malviya Nagar, and Milap Nagar, Jai Ambe colony, Mansarovar, Diggi Road, Patrakar colony and Durgapura. The residential localities in this zone also comprise of both plotted as well as group housing developments.

With various high-end commercial and hospitality developments along Tonk road and JLN Marg, these regions have emerged as prominent residential destinations. Malviya Nagar is a prime location in the southern precincts of Jaipur. The location in the southern precincts of Jaipur. The location has a good mix of commercial, retail and residential development. Jaipur international Airport Terminal 2 is located in vicinity to the region. Dominated by JDA development and independent houses, few developer projects can be seen here. NRI colony is another prominent colony region and comprise of bungalows and row houses.

Jagatpura is another emerging location in south- eastern Jaipur. The location is located in close proximity to Sanganer Airport and Railway Station. With the metro route coming upto Jagatpura from central parts, this region is in demand for residential units and has witnessed sharp upward movement in prices post 2009. Residential developments along Tonk Road are also located in vicinity to Jagatpura and are well-connected with the central parts of city. While the location hosts numerous residential projects, the demand in the region has been relatively slower. Distance of localities from established areas of the city, lack of infrastructure coupled with available supply in nearer locations at affordable price points are among the key of factors for the lower demand.

One of the key colonies in south-west Jaipur is Mansarovar. It was established by the Rajasthan Housing Board and caters to mix of LIG, MIG and HIG Segment. The region also comprise of multiple group housing developments by regional developers. Patrakar colony, located in the vicinity of Mansarovar colony is witnessing several group housing developments and targetting the mid-segment end-user and investors. Price points in the region range between Rs. 2,700 and 3,500 per sq. ft.

north jaipur

North and West Jaipur

Jaipur Properties Northern and western sides of Jaipur are other developing regions of the city. Major developments in this catchment comprise of Bani Park, Vaishali Nagar, Subash Nagar, Shastri Nagar Vidyadhar Nagar and Sodala apart from fast emerging sub-urban markets such as Ajmer Road, Sikar Road and Kalwar Road.

Main city locations in this region comprise of upper middle income and middle income residential neighborhoods with medium to high density. Colonies such as Bani Park and Vaishali Nagar attract a relatively affluent buyer in the region. However, suburban locations are primarily an attraction for small investors and middle income population who are looking for affordable segment housing. Growth corridors such as Sikar Road and Kalwar Road comprise of residential developments in the form of group housing, township, etc.

Bani Park is a prime location in the northern hub of Jaipur, offering mix of commercial and residential developments. Various government offices, the collectorate and civil court are also located in this region that initially comprised of independent houses. However, a variety of premium apartment complexes have been developed here. Average capital values in this area range between Rs. 5,000 and 6,500 per sq. ft. Which ranged between Rs. 3,000- Rs. 3,500 per sq. Ft five years ago.

Vaishali Nagar is an affluent location in the western part of Jaipur. The region is a mix of good residential and retail/commercial development with the presence of malls, multiplexes and good restaurants. Various PSU banks and Telecom sector officers are located here. Select pockets of the colony comprise of large plots as well as low-rise floors. However, select group housing projects by renowned regional developers are also being developed in the colony.

Sirsi Road is a prominent growth corridor and is located near Vaishali Nagar and Ajmer Road. It witnesses a host of developer projects priced majority of which are priced between Rs. 2,500-rs. 3,500 per sq. ft. Residential developments are located along Sikar Road. Kalwar Road also observes select residential projects along these corridors are priced in the range of Rs. 2,000-3,500 per sq. ft.

Ajmer Road is another prominent residential corridor of the city. The initial stretch of the highway comprises of a variety of residential developments across all formats including townships, group housing societies and residential plots. The corridors has large presence of national developers as well including Omaxe, Vatika and Emaar among others.


Central and East Jaipur

Jaipur Properties Central and East Jaipur zone includes Gandhi Nagar, Bapu Nagar, Raja Park, and Ram Bagh, C-scheme, Adarsh Nagar, Civil Lines and MI Road. Comprising of posh residential colonies of Jaipur, the stand hub comprises of predominantly HIG and upper-MIG population with good disposable income and higher density. The residential stock is primarily in the form of plotted developments vary between plot sizes in C-Scheme which is located in immediate vicinity of the CBD. From the residential development perspective, the location is dotted with high-end bungalows and independent houses. However a variety of apartment complexes by renowned local builders can be witnessed with units in the price bracket of Rs. 7,500-12,000 per sq ft. These developments are primarily small scale developments built over large independent plots. Two eminent projects in the micro market include Satyaprakash Group’s Royal Ensign and Om Metal Infraprojects Ltd.’s. Launched at an approximate price of Rs 900 per sq ft. in 2001, Royal Ensign today commands a sale rate between Rs. 12,500-13, 00 per sq ft. in secondary market. Inventory in Pallacia too is available at Rs 12750 per sq ft. In terms of absorption, only limited units are available in secondary market within Royal Ensign. However, around 75 units have already been sold in Pallacia out of 152 since its launch a year back.

Civil Lines is a prime location of Jaipur. Apart from premium independent houses, premium small apartment complexes have also been developed in the Civil Lines area. Other high income neighborhoods include Adarsh Nagar, Raja Park, Tilak Nagar and Bapu Nagar among others. Apartment complexes in these micro markets are available within a price bracket of Rs. 6,000-8,000 per sq ft. However, capital values have almost doubled in these locations since 2008 wherein the same projects were available within a price band of Rs. 3,500-4,500 per sq ft. in 2008, showing a tremendous increase in demand for residential units in the region.